We are young, vibrant and energetic. We are professional people in our field of expertise because we respect and take our work seriously. Fashion is an important element of our culture and we are always stay tuned and listening to the latest developments.


Texma always believes that “people” are the most important asset for a corporation. We are endlessly devoted to bettering the system of salary, environment, and welfare to reward the employees for their hard work and achievement. Texma is convinced that a beneficial welfare system will enable the employees to perform well in work, which is the foundation for us to thrive.
The flexible working hours for personal arrangement.
Employee activities, such as annual employee trip, Dragon Boat Festival feast, Christmas feast, and year-end party
Weddings, funerals, hospitalization, maternity subsidies
Besides labor insurance and health insurance, we also offer group insurance to the employee in case of accidents, cancer, and serious diseases.
We offer free vegetarian lunch boxes on the first day of every month, the experience day for a healthful diet.
There are magazines and books on fashion, profession, life, and management for the employees to borrow.

Training development

Texma believes that the complete and overall training and development of all sectors is the important index of global layout and sustainable management. To achieve this goal, Texma provides all kinds of training activities to strengthen the employees’ professional skills to meet the competence demand. We emphasize the employees’ training and development. In terms of the long-term goal and prospect of the corporation, we provide the training courses to upgrade the management skills and professional abilities and offer all kinds of speeches and external resources (such as lectures and exhibition) to benefit the employees’ self-growth.

Besides, by combining the employees’ personal career development and through the methods of instruction, rotation, or project learning, we flexibly apply the strategies of talent cultivation to develop the employees’ potential so that every one of them will achieve the win-win goal of both a higher competitiveness and growth together with Texma.




Welcome partners with positive thinking, the courage to assume, learning will, a sense of responsibility become our colleagues!