Contribute to the community

Solid and pragmatic, sustainable development, has always been the central purpose of TEXMA Internationalo perations.

Only through the foundation laid by steady growth, the company has the backing of fulfilling its social responsibilities. In addition to complying with legal norms, TEXMA also continues to establish an effective internal control system, implement risk management, improve business physique, provide equal and stable career development for colleagues at home and abroad, and provide a safe, comfortable and warm working environment, so that colleagues can focus on There are no unnecessary concerns when it comes to business challenges or task execution.

Taking environmental issues seriously, we hope that the earth we are in will be passed down from generation to generation with its complete original appearance. Therefore, we are treated with high standards, whether in the daily operations of the head office or in the production processes of factories around the world. Similarly, social care is also an important topic of our relative concern.

In the face of the challenge of profit-making, we also hope to do our part for the society. Through the participation of volunteers in the same industry, we can make the world a better place with practical action.

Environmental and human care

TEXMA regularly organizes volunteer days every year to let colleagues participate in environmental maintenance such as: net mountain, clean beach, community cleaning; human activities such as: hospital volunteers, care for vulnerable households, etc. Internally, we will make concrete contributions to the society and environment in which we live while making profits, saving electricity, saving water, and reducing paper consumption.

In addition, TEXMA joined the ranks of Tzu Chi Da Zhi Zhiye in 1991, and adhered to the spirit of immediate good deeds, responding to international disaster relief, long-term poverty-stricken household assistance, emergency assistance, and home care.

Each year, 5%-10% of the company's surplus is allocated for charitable purposes.

Caring for the event

Responding to Tainan Earthquake Donation Activities
Responding to Syrian refugee donation activities
Garment Association - "Clothing" to do charity, happy garden "interest" joint love charity activities

Cambodia Happy Life Lecture & Material Distribution

The typhoon Sudile reinvents the northern part of Wulai Old Street to assist residents in cleaning and rehabilitating

Organize the autumn "clothing to do charity, happiness and fun" activities
Responding to the Foundation of Life and Love Foundation of the Foundation of the People's Republic of China

Haiyan wind disaster release

Implement weekly environmental protection activities in the body and formulate a weekly vegetable food day
Participate in humanitarian relief activities Responding to the Kaohsiung 81 gas explosion donation activity
Hosting the Autumn Beach Campaign

Organizing hospital volunteer activities
Organizing Neihu Community Street Sweeping Activities
Vulnerable family care visit
See Taiwan - movie package event
Responding to the Philippine Haiyan Wind Disaster Assistance

Singapore Malaysian Business Sharing

Hosting the Spring Mountain
Holding the autumn net mountain
Participate in humanitarian relief activities
Assistance to the US East Flood

Execution of trials to encourage activities to save the planet
Assistance to Japan's 311 earthquake
Hosting the Spring Beach Campaign

Reduce the use of disposable products, colleagues to prepare their own environmental protection chopsticks
Responding to the 88th Flood Donation
Assistance to Haiti disaster relief
Aiding the Sichuan earthquake

Eighty-eight floods and disasters

Participate in the Earth Log Work
Donate to Morakot

Participate in the environmental recycling site experience
The company began to implement energy conservation and carbon reduction policies

Chuanmengfu suffering

Go to Guizhou, Gansu and Fujian for disaster relief.

As the convener of Tzu Chi International Humanitarian Aid Association, the core director of Rongji North District Rongdong has so far, and has attracted friends and relatives to join the ranks of the society; to integrate the textile upper, middle and lower reaches team to develop PET recycled fabrics.

He served as the General Manager of the Ciqing Su Adult Exchange; organized the Jinan Asian Tsunami, the US Katrina Hurricane Coordination Center; integrated the textile and garment industry, donated money to support the South Asian tsunami and the New Orleans victims.

Joined the International Humanitarian Aid Association as the Convener of the Clothing Cooperation Group; the South Asia Tsunami established a logistics support center and participated in the Tzu Chi Indonesian clinic.

To China for disasters and disasters.

Participated in the Tzu Chi Indonesian clinic, served as the leader of the Indonesian Care Bank in August and the musical handwriting drama of the “Parents' Efforts”.

Meal and Salvador care for the disaster area

Participated in the disaster relief in Tzu Chi Guizhou

Participated in the Tzu Chi 921 Nantou survey and disaster relief, the Nantou country name, the local meal and the clinic and the disaster relief; 921 fundraising 100 big love houses to Tzu Chi for the victims.

Participated in Indonesian clinics and Indonesian disaster relief; served as the deputy leader of Taiwan Tzu Chiqing and Peking University and Qingda Cultural Exchange.

Participated in the disaster relief in Tzu Chi Philippines and began to serve as a father of Cicheng

Meal and Taiwan Ciqing and Peking University and Qingda Cultural Exchange

Participated in the disaster relief of Tzu Chi Dongpu Village and served as the camp for the life of Jingsi, and the first team has been assisted

Participate in the meltwater disaster in Tzu Chi, Guangxi

Participate in the granting of foreign aid

Participate in the disaster relief in Tzu Chi

Participate in mainland disaster relief and winter distribution

Participate in the disaster relief in Tzu Chi, Mongolia

Participate in flood disasters in East China