Texma International Co. Ltd. was established in 1975. We aim to create the classical and outstanding garments for the modern urban women.

Texma has focused on the plain weave women’s wear for more than thirty years. At the same time, we have a solid customer base and strong capacity and design. We adopt the business mode of taking orders in Taiwan and producing our products at the factories worldwide. By cooperating with the leading brands of European countries and America, we are the key suppliers of some well-known brands. At present, the production areas are mainly Indonesia, Cambodia, Vietnam, Mainland China, and Guatemala. We have more than 10,000 employees and are dedicated to the corporate growth.

Texma not only provides the customers with the fine products but also cares about the need of the customers and the end consumers. Therefore, besides producing the products emphasizing the fit patterns and embellishing the body shape, we have also devoted to developing the sports and leisure wear by applying the eco-friendly materials in response to the trend of LOHAS. In 2007, we introduced the ERP system, which is to establish a complete and compact managerial mode for the global layout and efficient management.

In the future, Texma will stick to the self-disciplined artifact spirit and continue to provide the consistent and high-quality service from design, technical development, to production marketing so as to guide the colleagues, customers, and consumers to connect our products with the quality lifestyle.

Chairman’s Words

Texma expects to become the leading manufacturer and supplier of the world-class women’s wear and provide our customers with the satisfactory products and service. We also offer our employees with a steady, comfortable, harmonious working environment with full challenges and good pay. We will work together like a warm big family.

Furthermore, Texma spares no effort to take the corporate social responsibility. In 2006, we engaged in integrating eco-friendly reused textile team in the hope of encouraging more industries and businesses to join us. It is expected that we will be rich in the contents of humanity, environmental protection, and charity besides business. At the same time, Texma aims to promote the co-brand of both textile and clothing industry and environmental protection and endeavor to make the textile and clothing industry in Taiwan the world-recognized green industry.

Texma Vision

To promote Simplicity, Elegance and Quality in people and society. They serve as guidance to our product aesthetic design and the quality of life we aspire to live. We believe these qualities will help to advance societies. We are a product focused company and we value the meaning of work. We want to create our products that aspires people to live a life that is spiritually rich and happy. Therefore the aesthetic design of our product is simple elegance and we place great emphasis in quality.

Our core values

Our core values are simplicty, elegance and quality. This is in respect to who we are. In our work we value discipline, fairness and reason and in dealing with people we value dignity, honor and respect. This is Texma, and as a responsible member of the world community, we aim to advance these values through our products, our employees and our customers.